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40 Plus™ FAST Base Black

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A very large range of pigment dispersions is made by Kerley Ink Above, carbon black is being dispersed in our laboratory. We have what you are looking for...

Packaging Options:

40 Plus FAST Base Black was designed to provide maximum setting speed for oil-based conventional sheetfed and heatset inks without sacrificing gloss or density. If your customer is demanding ever-shorter "backup" times, then you should use 40 Plus FAST Base black for all of your work-and-turn quickset blacks!

40 Plus FAST Base Black also has a softer body than our famous "40 Plus" universal base black, which is an advantage on slow or low-horsepower mixing equipment.

40 Plus FAST Base Black can also be used to make stable heatset inks, with low VOC content.

Chemical Resistance:     5% HCl: Excellent    5% NaOH: Excellent

Bleed Resistance:

Water:  Excellent   Ethanol:  Excellent   Hot Paraffin:  Excellent   Soap:  Excellent   Lacquer Solvents: Excellent   Linseed Oil: Excellent   Diethylene Glycol:  Excellent   Mineral Spirits: Excellent

Lightfastness:  Full Strength:  Excellent  Tint: Excellent


Pigment type: pigment-grade furnace carbon black

Pigment Content: 40%

VOC Content: 18%

Solvent Boiling Range: 520 to 750F

Vehicle type: Fast Quickset/Heatset Multipurpose

Bio/renewablescontent: 10%

Appearance: Thick, tacky black paste

3.5 Gallon Bucket
3.5 Gallon Bucket

3.5 Gallon Plastic Bucket (net 30 lbs)

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15 Gallon Metal Drum
15 Gallon Metal Drum

15 Gallon Steel Drum / Kit (110-135 lbs net)

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55 gallon straight side drum
55 gallon straight side drum

55 gallon straight sided steel drum (net 400-450 lbs)

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