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UViPrint™ UV-Cure Web Offset Inks

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Ultraviolet-cured Web Offset Inks


UviPrint 2 & 3

Acrylate-based Black & Process Colors for high-speed web offset printing

Kerley Ink announces UViPrint, a 4-color set of Ultra Violet energy-curable web offset inks formulated to work on paper, board, many types of surface-treated polymer, and coated board surfaces. Aside from being the first all-new series of UV-cure inks formulated and sold in the USA for years, UViPrint is also priced to help you take advantage of the new opportunity that the introduction of UViPrint Inks present.

UViPrint process colors are formulated to have excellent scuff and slip properties immediately after curing, so in-line folding and handling of printed signatures should present no marking problem. UViPrint is available in mid- and low-tack versions, and both have minimal misting tendency. UViprint is available in these colors:

• Process Black (toned bluer)

• Process Blue

• Process Red

• Process Yellow

What really makes UViPrint and its sister product for UV-cured sheetfed offset, Radion™, unique is the "built from the ground-up" approach to how all of Kerley Ink's radiation-curable products are manufactured. UViPrint is made almost completely from ingredients also manufactured by Kerley. As with the rest of the range of products that Kerley Ink offers, UViPrint is formulated to use a minimum of proprietary materials from outside suppliers. Thus, Kerley manufactures for itself all of the color base dispersions used in UViPrint and Radion from dry colors in radiation-curable vehicles that Kerley also makes in-house. See our selection of RadionBase products elsewhere in this website for their specifications. Additionally, a successful UV-cured ink also depends greatly on the quality of the photoinitiator package chosen, so Kerley makes is own ExoCure line of photoinitiator packages, also.

Below is a table of currently-available UViPrint™ web offset press-ready inks:

Packaging Options:
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