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UViGlo™ OA UV-cure Coating for metal surfaces

Above: anilox-equipped roll coater typically used to apply UViGlo UV-cure coatings from Kerley Ink.

UViGlo OA is a UV-curable mirror-finish, roller applicator-applied coating formulated for best performance on metal surfaces. UViGlo OA cures to a clear, water-white, glossy finish due to Kerley's exclusive use of our non-yellowing Exocure MDEC-W photoinitiator package. Cure is instant and hard enough to be scuff-resistant. UViGlo OA coating will adhere to metal decorating inks and metal sizing also.

UViGlo OA coating cures to a very tough, flexible film and should be used for 3-piece UV-cure metal decorating as a protective coating and sealant. 

UViGlo OA coating is produced ITX-free. Contains Benzophenone.

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