UViGard™ GLOSS UV-Cured Overprint Varnish (OPV)

UViGard GLOSS overprint varnish is a UV-curable mirror-finish, on-press overprint varnish. Tack is reduced so that it may be run in the last unit wet-on-wet ink with minimal back-trap. UViGard GLOSS cures to a clear, water-white finish due to Kerley's exclusive use of our non-yellowing Exocure WPI photoinitator package. Cure is instant and hard enough to be scuff-resistant.

UViGard GLOSS OPV cures to a very hard, flexible film and can be used for a variety of applications such as brochures, catalogs and folding cartons. Adding 1-3% percent of Kerley's Exocure WPI liquid photoinitator enables UViGard GLOSS to be used as a high speed web offset overprint varnish as well.

UViGard GLOSS requires the use of an absorbent substrate like paper or board stocks, a primer coat, or a surface treatment to increase surface energy on non-absorbent substrates (ie: metal, plastic) in order to ensure excellent adhesion.

UViGard GLOSS OPV is produced ITX-free.

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