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Standard Web News Black

Now with Zero VOC's!

Standard Web News Black is a less tacky, softer-bodied version of Heavy Web News Black. Standard Web News Black is intended for use on high speed no heat web offset presses. Its lower tack means reduced linting problems and longer runs between washups. Standard Web News Black features a somewhat viscous body and good flow for excellent water control and smooth printing even on rough newsprint stocks. Like all newsinks, Standard Web News Black sets almost instantly, and leaves a smear-resistant finish. Like Heavy Web News, it can be classified as a "low rub" ink, due to its elevated resin content. Standard Web News Black makes an excellent choice for medium speed (800-1100 FPM) web offset news presses, especially when price is a major factor. Standard Web News Black is suitable for all types of newsprint stocks, and it contains less than 7% VOC's. See the table below showing specifications and product range:

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