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Soytex™ 3 PLS series web forms colors

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Didde Web forms Press

Our most popular conventional soy-based forms series!

Looking for a set of base mixing colors for Business Forms work? Do they have to be high solids, and soy oil-based? Is price a MAJOR concern? Look no further you've found what you're looking for with Soytex 3 PLS Series colors. These nine base mixing colors are an outgrowth of our now world-famous Soytex Business Forms colors. Soytex 3 PLS base mixing colors are available in the following shades:

• Neutral Mixing Black
• Process Black (toned bluer)
• Process Blue
• Phthalo Green
• Rubine Red/Process Red
• Rhodamine Red
• Process Yellow
• Purple
• Reflex Blue
• Violet
• Warm Red

• Transparent Extender

Below is a table showing all the versions and specifications available in the current Soytex family of coldset soy oil-based web inks: 

Formulated to be completely compatible with the popular Pantone® Color Selector Guide, Soytex 3 PLS colors are balanced to work in perfect harmony with each other. No more digging flushes, no more mess: just weigh, mix, and package! Soytex 3 PLS Series colors are in stock and have no minimum order. Please order Soytex Black when you need a mixing black for this set, and order "Soytex Extender FFG" when you need a transparent extender.

Packaging Options:

*Pantone Inc.'s check-standard trademark for color.

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