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Soytex 3 LZR Laser-compatible web Forms Black & Colors

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Tung Fruit Chinawood Oil

The Tung Fruit- native to China, Tung means "heart" in Chinese because of the heart-shaped fruit which is harvested and crushed for its oil, which is used in hard-drying varnishes and wood stains.

Our most popular laser-compatible soy-based forms series!

We've added an enhancement to our family of "Soytex" forms inks with the "LZR" series. Soytex "LZR" inks are specially modified versions of Soytex inks available in a full range of base mixing colors, black and extender. Unlike regular Soytex inks, the LZR series features enhanced drying characteristics and high solids content: both properties necessary for a successful laser-ready ink.

Soytex LZR inks get their extra drying "kick" from a liberal addition of Chinawood Oil (aka: "Tung" oil). Well known as nature's most aggressive drying oil, Chinawood Oil helps Soytex LZR inks air-dry to a tougher, more durable film than regular Soytex inks, which dry primarily by penetration. Within 72 hours after impression, Soytex LZR inks polymerize enough to satisfactorily withstand the fuser roller temperatures found in most laser printers and copiers without resoftening. Soytex LZR inks will stay open in the can for weeks at a time, yet start polymerizing within a day or two after impression. Also, up to 0.5% (assuming 6% metal content) of metallic driers can be added to Soytex LZR to speed up drying to just several hours. Caution must be exercised when adding metallic driers to Soytex LZR series inks, as overheating of the printed material can take place if too much drier is used. Please see the safety warning in our section about Tung Oil.

Soytex 3 LZR Series inks are 100% compatible with other Soytex products. As a matter of fact, you can intermix Soytex LZR and Soytex PLS series inks and still come out with good color matches. Soytex 3 LZR base mixing colors are in-stock in the following shades, packaged in 3.5 gallon buckets:

• Neutral Mixing Black
• Process Black (toned bluer)
• Process Blue
• Phthalo Green
• Rubine Red/Process Red
• Rhodamine Red
• Process Yellow
• Purple
• Reflex Blue
• Violet
• Warm Red

• Transparent Extender

Below is a table showing all the versions and specifications available in the current Soytex family of coldset soy oil-based web inks: 

Additionally, a Soytex LZR Transparent Extender is available for making tints. For more information about Soytex LZR Extender, please see the "No Heat Letdown Vehicles" section further on in this catalog. Soytex 3 LZR Series colors are in stock and have no minimum order.

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