Maxi Set™ Small Offset Inks

Rubber-based substitute Small Offset Inks

Black & Colors..

Maxi Set is designed to be used on small offset presses as a low cost alternative to the more expensive rubber-based inks. Maxi Set is a rubber base substitute, intended to be used on small offset and duplicator presses. Maxi Set is not acrylic or oil-based. Maxi Set can be used anywhere the ink must stay open overnight, set to a tack-free finish in minutes on uncoated paper, and be compatible with integrated dampening systems. Maxi Set Black and Colors are not like conventional oil-based sheetfed inks, either. Unlike oil-based inks, Maxi Set does not rely upon vegetable oils as a major component. The Maxi Set drying mechanism is identical to the drying mechanism employed by rubber-based inks. Maxi Set starts to dry the second it is printed on paper when the solvent in Maxi Set starts to penetrate into the substrate, leaving a dry pigment and resin layer on top of the sheet. Drying oils do not play a significant role in the drying mechanism of Maxi Set. Maxi Set Black and Colors have a heavy, semi free-flowing body, good pigmentation levels, and a tack of 20 points at 1200 RPM.

In addition to Maxi Set Black, Maxi Set Mixing Bases are available in the following shades:

• Neutral Mixing Black
• Process Black (toned bluer)
• Process Blue
• Phthalo Green
• Rubine Red/Process Red
• Rhodamine Red
• Process Yellow
• Purple
• Reflex Blue
• Violet
• Warm Red

• Transparent Extender

 See the table below showing specifications and product range:

Packaging Options:
1 gallon bucket
1 gallon bucket (net 7-8 lbs)
3 gal Kit
3.5 gal bucket with optional pour spout (30lbs)
55 gal straight side drum
55 gallon straight sided steel drum (net 400-450 lbs)
55 Gallon Drum with Liner
55 Gallon Drum with Liner (net 400-450lbs)
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3 gal Kit

3.5 gal bucket with optional pour spout (30lbs)