LumaFlex™ GP 35 HI FLOW Process Yellow 14

LumaFlex™ GP 35 HI FLOW Yellow 14 is a radiation-curable dispersion of 35% AAMX yellow (Pigment Yellow 14) in a mixed oligomer system. This high-flow, low viscosity fluid vehicle system has been optimized for use with paper and board, with possible applications with some surface-treated or oxidized films as well. Recommended dosage of LumaFlex™ GP 35 HI FLOW Yellow 14 is 45%-65% by weight in a finished ink. LumaFlex™ GP series energy-curable bases feature soft easy-to-handle viscosity with excellent pigmentation levels.

Typically used to make Process MaYellowgenta inks, 45% to 65% of LumaFlex GP 35 

yellow 14 by total formula weight is considered a normal loading for most liquid flexo & gravure ink formulas. Excellent results for coated and uncoated stock flexographic & gravure ink formulas can be obtained by blending LumaFlex GP dispersions with LumaFlex composite letdown varnish. 

Chemical Resistance: 5% HCl: Excellent 5% NaOH: Excellent


Bleed Resistance: Water: Excellent Ethanol: Very Good Hot Paraffin: Very Good Soap: Very Good Lacquer Solvents: Fair Linseed Oil: Excellent Diethylene Glycol: N/A Mineral Spirits: Excellent


Lightfastness: Full Strength: Fair Tint: Poor


Pigment type: AAMX Yellow 14

Color Index No: 21095

Pigment Content: 35%

Solvent Content: 0%

Solvent Boiling Range: N/A

Bio/renewables content: 11.2%

Vehicle type: UV- or EB-cure acrylic esters & epoxies

Appearance: Thin yellow paste

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