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LithoGard™ GLOSS Quickset Conventional OPV

Above: overprint varnish being applied with a sheetfed litho printing unit. LithoGard conventional litho OPV's are applied using this method.

LithoGard GLOSS sheetfed conventional overprint varnish is Kerley's premium, high-gloss, low-color overprint varnish for the highest quality applications that require a non-yellowing finish. LithoGard GLOSS is our fastest-setting sheetfed quickset overprint varnish. LithoGard GLOSS contains PTFE, so dried films have excellent scuff resistance right from the delivery end of the press. LithoGard GLOSS OPV is formulated to be used in the press fountain, just like an ink. This means that LithoGard GLOSS varnish can also be used a “spot” varnish for selective application of varnish on the printed sheet.

LithoGard GLOSS also contains Tung Oil (aka: Chinawood Oil), enabling the film to continue to air-cure to a very hard, yet flexible and more chemically-resistant film. Consequently, LithoGard GLOSS OPV does not accept lamination or stamping readily (please see our wax free offerings). LithoGard GLOSS, when properly applied and adequately air-cured, is capable of withstanding rub tests of several thousand strokes. LithoGard GLOSS contains cobalt drier, so it will form a skin when it is exposed to air. Contains micronized PTFE, which must be stirred from the bottom of any container before usage.

LithoGard SST will pass Calif. AQMD maximum 300 g/L VOC content requirements., and contains 78% bio/renewable materials.

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