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Heavy Web News Black

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Heavy Web News Black is a mineral oil-based newsink of exceptionally high viscosity and tack. It is intended for use on no heat presses that require a heavy-bodied ink with good flow: perhaps due to high temperatures or ink-water balance problems. Its higher tack can also help overcome problems common to lower tack newsinks like waterlogging, stripping, etc. Heavy Web News Black is also very low in VOC content, less than 2 percent! Heavy Web News Black is best used on higher quality newsprint stocks and all absorbent business forms stocks. Because of its higher resin content, Heavy Web News Black can be used as a "low rub" newsink.


Heavy Web News Black also makes an excellent base or extender for other no-heat, mineral oil-based inks such as business forms blacks just like our low-VOC "FormsMaster" Black. See the table below showing specifications and product range:

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