FormsMaster™ 3 ECON LZR Laser-compatible web Forms Black & Colors

Is finding a good value in forms laser-compatible ink getting to be difficult?

That's why we're re-introducing "FormsMaster 3 ECON LZR" economy-priced, laser compatible Process colors and transparent extender. FormsMaster ECON LZR is the lowest priced, best value for laser-compatible forms inks on the market. FormsMaster 3 ECON LZR colors have a medium-range tack of 11 points @ 1200 RPM. FormsMaster 3 ECON LZR is best used on small no-heat mini-web presses for both business forms and commercial printing on almost any type of absorbent forms stock. We recommend at least 100 hours of dry time between printing forms and their use on any laser printer. FormsMaster 3 ECON LZR base mixing colors are available in the following shades:

• Neutral Mixing Black
• Process Black (toned bluer)
• Process Blue
• Phthalo Green
• Rubine Red/Process Red
• Process Yellow
• Reflex Blue
• Warm Red

• Transparent Extender

Formulated to be completely compatible with the popular Pantone®* Color Selector Guide, FormsMaster 3 ECON LZR colors are balanced to work in perfect harmony with each other and also with Soytex 3 LZR Rhodamine, Purple,  and Violet base colors, giving you a complete range of the most popular color mixes. FormsMaster 3 ECON LZR and Soytex 3 LZR colors are completely compatible and interchangeable with each other, too. No more digging flushes, no more mess: just weigh, mix, and package! Please order FormsMaster 4 ECON LZR Black when you need a mixing black for this set, and order "FormsMaster ECON LZR Extender" when you need a transparent extender. Consult the table below for product specifications:

Packaging Options:
3.5 gal bucket
3.5 gal bucket (30lbs)
55 Gal Drum
55 gallon straight sided steel drum (400-450 lbs)
55 Gal Lined Drum
55 gallon straight sided steel drum with poly liner (400-450 lbs)
Kerley Steel Tote
280 Gal, Steel Body, Net 3000 lbs, pressurized
Spacekraft Bin 1000L
1000 Liter Spacekraft tote bin (2000-2200 lbs)
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*Pantone Inc.'s check-standard trademark for color.

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