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Flexeon™ FCS 800 Water-Base Flexo Inks for Film & Foil

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Flexeon™  is our premium water-based ink series for use on film and foil substrates. Flexeon™ water-base flexo ink is primarily intended for use with fine-screen Anilox rollers in the 500+ lpi range. Use Flexeon™ for treated polyethylene, BOPP, PETE, foil coated, and other non-absorbent films and substrates. Flexeon is relatively free of mineral fillers like clay extenders, so color strength and print fidelity are optimized.


Flexeon FCS 800:

Flexeon FCS 800 series water base flexo inks are optimized for film, foil and non-absorbent stocks run on 500+ LPI (2.8-1.0 BCMs) anilox roller-equipped presses. Flexeon FCS 800 is highly recommended for non-absorbent substrates and oxidized/surface treated plastic films. Flexeon FCS 800 series inks are very strongly pigmented, and are part of a complete blending system. They contain a very forgiving amine neutralizing system for longer runs between pH adjustments. It is also possible to use Flexeon FCS 800 inks for high LPI anilox presses printing paper and board substrates, as well.

Like many other Kerley Ink products, Flexeon can be fine-tuned in strength and viscosity at our factory for your press on a special-need basis…and Flexeon FCS 8
00 bases can be pre-blended to hundreds of new colors.  Have it your way!

Flexeon™ is furnished as press-ready ink and is available in the following base colors:

• Neutral Mixing Black

• Process Black (toned bluer)

• Process Blue

• Phthalo Green

• Rubine Red/Process Red

• Rhodamine Red

• Process Yellow

• Purple

• Reflex Blue

• Violet

• Warm Red

• Transparent Extender

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