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Flexeon™ F 800 Process Water-Base Flexo Inks for Film & Foil

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Flexeon™  is our premium water-based ink series for use on film and foil substrates. Flexeon™ water-base flexo ink is primarily intended for use with fine-screen Anilox rollers in the 500+ lpi range. Use Flexeon™ for treated polyethylene, BOPP, PETE, foil coated, and other non-absorbent films and substrates. Flexeon is relatively free of mineral fillers like clay extenders, so color strength and print fidelity are optimized. Scuff resistance is usually excellent, and Flexeon F 800 will often pass tape pull tests where other brands will not.


Flexeon F 800:

Flexeon F 800 series water base flexo inks are optimized for film, foil and non-absorbent stocks run on 500+ LPI (2.8-1.0 BCMs) anilox roller-equipped presses. Flexeon F 800 is highly recommended for non-absorbent substrates and oxidized/surface treated plastic films. Flexeon F 800 series inks are very strongly pigmented, and trap well for high-resolution 4-color process printing. They contain a very forgiving amine neutralizing system for longer runs between pH adjustments. It is also possible to use Flexeon F 800 inks for high LPI anilox presses printing paper and board substrates, as well.

Flexeon™ is furnished as press-ready ink and is available in the following base colors:

• Process Black (toned bluer)

• Process Blue (Cyan)

• Process Red (Magenta)

• Process Yellow

• Transparent Extender

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