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EcoBright™ VOC-free quickset Black & Colors

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Earth-friendly quickset sheetfed litho black & process colors

It’s not so much what you produce. It’s what you leave behind.

EcoBright ultra-low VOC, vegetable-based colors from Kerley Ink keep our air clean for the future of the planet. EcoBright gives you high performance and zero emissions today!EcoBright is a truly unique sheetfed lithographic ink. EcoBright is perhaps the most environmentally-friendly ink on the market today. EcoBright is made almost completely from vegetable-based resources, so not only is it non-toxic, it’s also very recyclable and biodegradable.


Renewables/bio content of the EcoBright series is from 60% to 80%.

Does EcoBright perform well enough despite having almost no VOC’s? EcoBright air-drys faster than any other near-zero VOC ink we’ve seen on the market. That means quick back-ups and great productivity while you give your customers a product that is good for the environment!he market price of soy oil increases to high levels relative to the cost of petroleum oils.


EcoBright is compatible with any conventional sheetfed or commercial web offset fountain solution and can be washed up with either solvent-based or water-reducible press wash. Best of all, not only is EcoBright easy on the environment, but it’s also easy on your ink budget, too!  EcoBright is compatible with Speedex (Kerley’s line of oil-based stay-fresh litho inks). We expect that EcoBright will have close to the same performance as Speedex, but feature extremely low VOC content. Printing on plastic films with EcoBright? No problem: just add drier compound and corona-treat your plastic substrate.

The EcoBright Series of press-ready quickset sheetfed base colors are available in the following colors:

Process Black
Process Blue (Cyan)    

Process Red  (Magenta)   

Process Yellow

A suitable zero-VOC  transparent extender for all EcoBright & EnviroLith Colors is our EcoBright Extender found in the section called "Quickset Letdown Vehicles" in another section of this catalog. All EcoBright process colors are available in kits for immediate delivery.

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