AquaMax™ C 175 Water-Base Corrugated Flexo Inks

AquaMax C 175 series water base flexo inks are optimized for corrugated and paper  stocks run on 150-225 LPI (7.5-10 BCM) anilox roller-equipped presses. AquaMax C 175 is not recommended for non absorbent substrates and plastic films. AquaMax C 175 series inks are 35% more pigmented than AquaMax C 100 inks, and are part of a complete corrugated blending system for either GCMI or Pantone (R) color matching. They contain a very forgiving amine neutralizing system for longer runs between pH adjustments. Aquamax C 175 inks are formulated for higher-resolution corrugated board and bleached uncoated paper substrates.

Like many other Kerley Ink products, AquaMax can be fine-tuned in strength and viscosity for your press on a special basis…or AquaMax C 100, C 175, P 200 or P 400 bases can be pre-blended to hundreds of new colors.  Have it your way!

AquaMax™ C 175 is furnished as press-ready ink and is available in the following base colors, plus GCMI bases:

• Neutral Mixing Black

• Process Black (toned bluer)

• Process Blue

• Phthalo Green

• Rubine Red/Process Red

• Rhodamine Red

• Process Yellow

• Purple

• Reflex Blue

• Violet

• Warm Red

• Transparent Extender

Packaging Options:
3.5 gal bucket
3.5 gal bucket with optional pour spout (30lbs)
5 gal bucket
5 gallon plastic bucket with optional pour spout (40-45 lbs)
55 Gal Drum
55 gallon straight sided steel drum (400-450 lbs)
275 Gal IBC tote
275 Gallon IBC tote bin (2000-2200 lbs)
Spacekraft Tote
1000 Liter Spacekraft tote bin (2000-2200 lbs)
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