40 Plus Lo ODOR Quickset/Heatset Base Black

A very special version of 40 Plus base black, 40 Plus “LO ODOR” base black is a low odor version of regular 40 Plus base. This is particularly important in food packaging and other consumer-oriented printing. By using a specially chosen combination of vehicle components and carbon black, 40 Plus “LO ODOR” black achieves extremely fast inital setting for excellent work-and-turn litho blacks. 

40 Plus LO ODOR is also excellent for making low-tack, high viscosity blacks.

Chemical Resistance:     5% HCl: Excellent    5% NaOH: Excellent

Bleed Resistance:

Water:  Excellent   Ethanol:  Excellent   Hot Paraffin:  Excellent   Soap:  Excellent   Lacquer Solvents: Excellent   Linseed Oil: Excellent   Diethylene Glycol:  Excellent   Mineral Spirits: Excellent

Lightfastness:  Full Strength:  Excellent  Tint: Excellent


Pigment type: pigment-grade furnace carbon black

Pigment Content: 40.3%

VOC Content: 11%

Solvent Boiling Range: 520 to 750 F

Vehicle type: Fast Quickset/Heatset Multipurpose

Bio/renewables content: 35%

Appearance: Thick, tacky black paste

Packaging Options:

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